North Carolina
Commodities Conference
January 09-11, 2019

Corn Growers Association of north Carolina

NC Small Grain Growers Association

25 Years of Service to the Small Grain Industry -

The North Carolina Small Grain Growers Association, Inc. was formed by a group of small grain producers and agri-business representatives from across the state on July 24, 1986. The Association is a nonprofit corporation formed to encourage, promote and develop more efficient and effective small grain marketing and production and to participate in all matters relative to the interests of small grain producers.

Goals & Objectives

  • Enhance opportunity for profit

  • Solve production problems and improve yields

  • Improve Marketing opportunities

  • Find new markets and uses for small grains

  • Support research and extension services

  • Develop strong leaders to speak for Small Grains

  • Work with programs to protect our environment and conserve natural resources

  • Provide quality products to consumers